DJ Nico, whose real name is Niek Holen (2002), is a real allround DJ. With his creativity and infectious enthusiasm, he manages to bring even the most reluctant barfly to the dance floor in no time. His natural ability to move seamlessly from one style of music to the next goes hand in hand with his creative transitions. He uses the microphone to entertain people and further enhance the overall musical experience! For DJ Nico, the audience always comes first.

In the winter of 2022/2023, DJ Nico made his debut in Gerlos, Austria. Both at Cin-Cin Partykeller and Cin-Cin, one of the most popular après-ski bars in the Alps, the roof came off. On Kingsday 2023, he got the crowd in Groningen moving during his spectacular show on the Vismarkt. DJ Nico is also a familiar sight at smaller venues. Besides performing for large audiences at festivals and in party tents, he regularly performs at weddings, corporate parties and birthdays. With his smooth transitions between musical styles, DJ Nico can entertain any audience.

From an early age, DJ Nico only wanted one thing: to play music at parties and events. While his friends were off running around, he meticulously studied the moves of his favourite DJs. That was what he wanted to do! He saved up his pocket money to buy his first DJ kit and began to dip his toes in the water at parties and birthdays organised by friends and family. These early experiences laid the foundation for where he stands today. They also set him on the path toward achieving his dream: giving audiences an unforgettable day or evening!

Are you looking for guaranteed excitement? With more than 150 performances per year, DJ Nico has the experience to make your party a big hit!

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